How Dementia Is Treated?

When we talk about dementia, it is a condition that alters the social and mental characteristics of a person and his or her normal behavior or functions are changed. The condition has no known cure at present, but the treatment that is available can help to reduce the onset of the symptoms and make them more manageable. The drugs like Memantine and Cholinesterase inhibitors are mostly prescribed to patients who suffer from this condition. The symptoms which lead to interference of the regular memory functions are deterred to some extent by these drugs. 

How the drugs can help

When you get an experienced helper from an aged care agency he or she needs to be briefed about the medication as prescribed to the patient by the doctor. The drugs that aid to reduce the symptoms of dementia help the patient’s behavior and memory functions to improve. The person is able to process and learn new information. Feelings of anxiety are reduced in the patient and abnormal brain activities are reduced. There are other underlying conditions like blood clotting and heart conditions which often become adverse and these need to be regulated with the help of medication.

Knowing the effects of the drugs

An experienced helper who works with dementia patients as assigned from an aged care agency needs to know the effects of the different drugs and their side effects as well. The cholinesterase inhibitors, which are prescribed usually work on the brain and improve the memory functions. The person is able to judge and take proper decisions as before when the drug is administered.However, there are side effects like frequent bowel movement and stomach upset, which the patient may suffer from and has to be taken care of accordingly.

Monitoring the medication

The medications that work for delaying the symptoms of dementia usually have certain side effects which might not be ideal for someone who has other health conditions. For that reason, for those who have blood pressure problems might have to be monitored closely when Memantine is administered on to them as it is known to bring on dizziness.

Providing additional support

There might be other requirements that a dementia patient requires. Often the oxygen supply to the brain might not be adequate in a patient, which can worsen the dementia symptoms. For that reason often oxygen supply needs to be additionally given. The support that is needed is in the monitoring of the different health conditions of the dementia patient like blood pressure and other factors. For that reason an expert is needed who will monitor the signs and symptoms and consult with the physician accordingly as well as keep a tab of the progress of the patient’s health.